Astrid Nader-Louw

Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist

Eating Disorder Recovery & Eating Behaviour Coach

Health Coach

Counsellor (currently studying)

Astrid is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist. Accredited Integrative Health, Nutrition & Eating Psychology Coach and also a Practitioner trained and registered with The Australian Center of Eating Disorders for all Eating Disorders, Obesity & Bariatric Surgery Support.

Astrid is continuing her studies and currently completing her Degree in Counselling

Astrid provides an evidence based practice, provides a focused, professional, confidential service. She creates customised sessions specifically for each person using knowledge and skills including psychotherapy, CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), counselling and hypnotherapy. 


​Astrid uses all modalities in her sessions to help people discover how resourceful they can be in their health & recovery and assist them to find their true purpose beyond the confines of an illness, or health challenge.


Astrid is passionate about using food as medicine and looking outside the box when it comes to illness, weight management and disease!  The more she has worked with people, the clearer it became that what people ate was one part of the issue, the other challenge people were having is understanding the deeper unconscious roots that we all have that hold us back from health and healing in body in mind, be that trauma, anxiety, emotions or depression. 

Astrid offers services for trauma, anxiety, depression, phobias and addiction, she has done additional training and holds certifications in Hypno-fertility & pregnancy from Eastburn Clinic, IBS & Gut Directed Hypnosis, Addiction, Weight Loss & gastric banding, and the highly acclaimed OldPain2Go® chronic pain elimination protocol. 

Astrid also offers treatment options to those suffering from eating disorders, chronic dieting & body image.

Astrid Holds Clinical Memberships with Professional Bodies:

Professional Hypnotherapists of Australia (Committee member)-PHA

Hypnotherapy Council Of Australia-HCA

Australian Counselling Association-ACA


#Private Health Rebates Available 

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