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Julie Barker

Registered Nurse | Counsellor | Drug & Alcohol Counselling | Meditation Facilitator | Yoga Teacher

A Bit About Me

Julie is passionate about supporting people to navigate life’s challenges and to
live their best lives. She has a caring and compassionate nature and creates an
environment where people feel emotionally held and safe to explore their
feelings and work through their emotions.
She loves teaching people strategies to reach a place of calm within, so life’s
challenges can be dealt with in a way that one can feel their range of emotions,
and have the confidence that they can not only handle them but can learn and
grow from them.
Her special areas of interest include addiction, perinatal emotional support,
navigating menopause, loss and grief, anxiety and low mood. Incorporating
techniques such as mindfulness, meditation and breathing techniques to bring
people back to a place of calm.
In her spare time Julie is an avid bush walker, potter, yogi, meditator and loves
to facilitate women’s wellness retreats in our beautiful southwest.
Julie is a Registered Nurse, Registered Counsellor and has post graduate
qualifications in General Counselling and Drug and Alcohol Counselling. She is
also a qualified yoga teacher and has many years of experience as a meditation
Over the last twenty years Julie has worked in drug and alcohol centres, mental
health units, general ward nursing and aged care, and has worked with both
adults and youth.

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