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Nadine Stanford

Neurodiverse Childrens Specialist | Coach | NDIS Family Support Coordinator


A Bit About Me

Hi I'm Nadine. I’m a mamma living in the crazy and chaotic fast lane of neurodiverse kiddo life.

My journey into what I call ‘high needs parenting’ started as so many of our journeys do with some hopeful 12-18 month waitlists for paediatricians and specialists and $1000 appointments
that led to no answers and more questions, confusion and frustration.

I have literally waited a year to see a therapist for my attention deficit son, who told me after 2 appointments she couldn’t treat him because he wan’t paying attention.

Along the way we received the diagnosis of ADHD, Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, Hyper mobility, Anxiety, Irlen’s Syndrome and Dyspraxia. We have been prescribed many medications, some that did far more harm than good, and have had to make life changing difficult decisions on the direction to take with these.

After years of frustration I began to do more and more research of my own.
My journey started out as a couple of week long parenting courses and some sensory, OT and hand writing workshops. I went on to complete short courses in ADHD, educational kineseolgy, special learning difficulties and more specialised parenting courses.

Slowly this frustrated mum, turned into a dedicated and slightly obsessed ‘student’ soaking up every course and source of information I could on childhood developmental conditions, what they mean, how to help and how to heal.

My journey is far from over, I am currently studying a masters of teaching, functional neurology and Holistic Children’s Health and if I’m totally honest, not one of these courses or certifications,
nor any specialist or modality that we have tried (and we have tried them ALL) has within itself the answers that I seek.

My studies have turned into what will no doubt be a life long personal quest of wellness for my boys and a personal mission to help and understand quirky kids and advocate for them in every
way I can.

My learnt experience and extensive research has taught me that to truly have any hope of calming the chaos of tricky kids takes so much more than any one modality.

I dont have all the answers but can help lead you on the right path as-well as offer a shoulder to cry on, guidance and
advice on everything from appointments waitlists, diagnosis that are worth the $ and those that are not.

A big help is connection to community, true support and the kind of understanding that only another person living in this ‘lane’ could ever give to another person and thats exactly what I hope
to provide to you

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