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Tired of feeling unwell?

Autoimmune diseases are complex and often confusing as well as debilitating.

Whether you have a diagnosed or undiagnosed autoimmune condition, all autoimmunity is a symptom of the immune system gone awry. Understanding why this has occurred and what you need to get it back into balance is the key to improving your health, as is getting the right support. Our modern healthcare model is designed with your needs in mind. 

Although the presenting symptoms of these conditions are very varied, they all have one common denominator; a dysfunctional immune system.

Many people that have an autoimmune disease don’t get ‘sick’ often, but their immune system is not healthy. Instead, their immune system has been sensitised and is attacking the body’s own tissues.

The statistic shows 10% of people will at some time in their life develop an autoimmune disease, environmental factors such as stress, infection and diet play an integral role in their development which is why there is so much that can be done to help you get your health back on track.

We understand that there are many factors to autoimmune diseases, our practitioners will happily work together with your GP and specialist to get the best result. It has been shown that a combined approach including both conventional and complementary medicines provides the best clinical outcomes for autoimmune diseases.

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Personalized Analysis and Functional Testing for Autoimmune Issues

Your practitioner will explore why autoimmune issues have occurred through an in-depth analysis of your health. They may also use functional tests to explore factors often implicated in autoimmunity like:

  • Gut health

  • Underlying infections

  • Food sensitivities

  • Toxin exposure

  • Stress and lifestyle

  • Mental health 

By combining the latest scientific insights with your health picture, your practitioner will develop a personalised plan for success.

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