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Why chose us?

Treatment at the Dunsborough Health Hub is as diverse as the number of people and cases we treat. 


While our treatment is based on the latest scientific research and principles, treating illness, chronic health & pain is just as much an art as it is a science - what works for one person may not always work for the next.


For this reason, the the HEALHT HUB approach is comprehensive. 


In our mission to help you get out of illness, or recover to full functionality, our expert practitioners are trained in all aspects of functional medicine, nutrition, psychotherapy and other complementary or Allied Health approaches. 


Not only are they fully qualified, but our team are also forever learners. We embrace the latest research and professional development opportunities so that we remain thoroughly equipped to help you return to work and life sooner.

Our hands on approach

A key element of our comprehensive treatment toolkit is hands-on treatment. 


Sadly, this form of treatment has declined in the way general healthcare is offered. our sessions are from 30mins to 90mins. We are interested in hearing your story to truly uncover whats holding you back.


In many cases, the techniques we use can be a breakthrough for patients with chronic conditions who may have seen doctors over the years with little results.


As you progress in your health, we will offer you continued support and a program that’s just right for you.

Doctor's Appointment
Walking on Pink Water


An often-overlooked form of treatment that forms part of our comprehensive approach is education about your condition. 


Our healthcare professionals seek to inform and educate you about what is causing your illness or pain and how each method of treatment can benefit you.


We have found that education can have the biggest influence on how fast patients recover. 


Understanding how all the pieces fit together,  how your condition or pain is caused is essential for you to overcome your condition.

Education can motivate you to make any necessary changes in your life. 

Your comfort is our priority

We want to ensure that our patients enjoy their time at the clinic. Our team members are fun, friendly and warm, and want you to feel comfortable during your time here. We may even give you a cup of organic tea when you arrive. 


Our clinic features private treatment rooms so that you can be treated in privacy and comfort at all times. 

We are excited to have a tool box of practitioners that can assist you on your healing.

Rest assured, our initial assessment will help determine the best course of action for your condition and we will work together with you to implement the best course of action that is unique and personalised for you.

Herbal Tea

We educate & empower our clientele to make better healthcare choices so that they can lead a more active and quality lifestyle, for the long term!  

Our signature service is helping people break free from their physical issues and negative mindsets towards health – We understand that a client health and wellbeing is much much more than just physical so we provide coaching to seek out their why and connect this to their physical journey.  We give them a step by step treatment plan that they can apply in their everyday life to live the lifestyle of their choosing.

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