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Julie Mullumby


Integrative Medicine | Nutritionist | R Nurse


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A Bit About Me

Julie is a Registered Nurse, Midwife and is Certified in Human Nutrition. Julie is continuing to add to her knowledge and is currently studying with the Academy of Integrative and Functional Nutrition.

Julie also has extensive training & completed many training modules offered by the ACNEM (Australian College of Nutrition and Environmental Medicine) including primary modules, gastrointestinal conditions, children’s health, women’s endocrinology, integrative cancer, mental health and environmental health.

She has extensive experience across both hospital and GP medical centre settings. Her experience includes general, emergency, theatre, palliative, chronic disease management, antenatal pregnancy and delivery suite.

Julie is passionate about integrative medicine, regaining her own health from chronic illness using nutrition and a functional medicine approach.


Julie understands that everyone is unique and protocols should be individually tailored after thorough assessment with the option of functional testing.


Her approach is to support, optimising the body by addressing diet, movement, stress management, supplementation, lifestyle, balancing body systems and detecting underlying issues.

Areas of interest and expertise include:

- Digestive problems
- Metabolic issues
- Immune function
- Nutritional deficiencies
- Food intolerances
- Chronic disease
- Diet optimisation
- Pregnancy

Julie is passionate about sharing her extensive knowledge in these areas and will be conducting workshops and talks during the year on various areas of health and wellness. 

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