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The Dunsborough Health Hub is an integrative health & wellness centre and general practice where the whole person will be assessed, not just the disease process. Only then can we determine the cause of current and long-term medical conditions. Our management strategy will involve a team work approach to help our clients achieve changes in lifestyle, diet and environment as well as incorporating evidence based conventional and complementary therapies to achieve maximal wellness for our patients.

We aspire to provide excellence in service to our patients. Offering highly skilled and qualified practitioners with a diverse skills and knowledge base, we bring the strength of an integrative team approach where needed.

The Health Hub aims to empower people to regain their health.  

  • Our Clinic is located in the LIA in Dunsborough. We also offer tele-health consults for patients Australia wide via secure online platforms.

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Integrative & General

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Integrative Medicine combines safe evidence-based conventional and complementary medicines towards whole person care. Integrative medicine is not `alternative` medicine - but `complementary` to current medicine. While conventional medicine addresses a person's symptoms to treat the immediate problem, Integrative medicine focuses on WHY those symptoms exist in the first place. We advocate a preventive approach to healthcare where the patient can retake control of their own health and future by becoming an active participant in their healthcare.

Complete Nutritional

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We believe all body systems are interrelated and not isolated. On the initial consult our experienced Registered Nurse & Nutrition guru will completely assess a person's health condition. This will involve an extensive history and examination - history of not only the current problem but also overall health from conception. Conventional and functional lab testing is often ordered. Management includes reviewing the patient's body burden due to their diet, food allergies and intolerances, antioxidant status and toxicity, nutritional deficiencies, essential fatty acid and hormonal imbalances, neurotransmitter, digestive and endocrine system function.

Hypnotherapy+ Psychotherapy

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Psychotherapy helps you to explore and understand your inner world in a deeper way. This is beneficial where long-standing problems originating in your past, persistently disrupt your life, for example through recurring depression or anxiety, feelings of worthlessness, difficulties in sustaining positive relationships or addictive behaviours with eating or substance abuse.

There is clear evidence that chronic illness sits within the body due to past trauma and emotional pain.

Psychotherapy & hypnotherapy supports healing and change at a fundamental level allowing you to lead a satisfying and fulfilling life.


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Our clinic includes a treatment room where intravenous nutrients can be safely administered. By delivering vitamins directly into your bloodstream, much higher levels are achieved with more immediate effects than when taken orally. IV vitamins will be tailored to your needs and may have benefits in immune health, body repair, energy production, and liver detoxification. The healing process may be sped up.  

We promise

Our aim at The Dunsborough Health Hub is to promote the emotional & physical health and well-being of our clients, their families and our community.

We Listen

Each patient is an individual, with their own genetics, individual upbringing and experiences. All this, combined with current lifestyle, medications, their emotional and mental state, exercises and nutrition, creates the circumstances in which the patient finds themselves.

We Design

We take time to plan, design and manage your health journey from a whole person perspective and will guide you every step of the way.

we are a team

Dunsborough Health Hub provides professional, confidential and highly skilled Practitioners who work together as a team to give our patients the best person centered approach and are committed to sourcing current and leading conventional & integrative approaches to tailor a  plan that best supports your personal needs

We look forward to being your 1 stop shop for nurturing health and wellness

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Unit 3a - 18 Griffin Drive. Dunsborough 

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