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Kelly Campbell

Functional Medicine Testing |Integrative Health Practitioner 

Lifestyle Optimisation Coach


A Bit About Me

Born in Windsor Ont, Automotive Capital of CANADA

My earliest memories are filled with energy, fun and laughter but along side that was me running
away from my mom, screaming NO NO please don’t put that tar (aka come sort of strong cortisone),
She would catch me, and it would burn. I had server early childhood eczema from 6 mos old. Forever
scratching, never wearing shorts, breaking out in hives from just about everything. Worst part for my
parents was my diet, I was one fussy kid, and it was white bread & butter, potatoes anyway, cereal
with dairy milk and the odd fruit, veggie and plain meat. I can thank a trip to Japan for broadening
my palette because during and after that trip my new food mantra was, TRY EVERYTHING.
As I got older, I grew out of certain parts of my autoimmune condition, and was introduced to
preventive health, diet, mind, body, and spirit. I was getting healthier, my skin was clear and
glowing, mindset was developing and strong, however there was this lingering boating and soreness
in my lower belly that was sticking around. That’s when I dove deep into Paul Cheks work and
followed the program in the book, How to eat, move and be healthy.

I started traveling the world and being exposed to different approaches to health and wellbeing and
a common theme was being drawn, prevention, maintenance, and treatment. The issue I was
finding, with my own health journey included, that we seek help only once the Dis-ease has
expressed itself, therefore how do we strip the layers back and get to someone individual root cause
or dysfunction.

At this point I find myself in Australia, 3 years at this point living in the southwest and my eczema
returns with a vengeance. Everything would cause a flare up, it wouldn’t matter which direction the
wind blew, I was getting hives and a full body head to toe rash. After listening to a podcast with Paul
check who led me to Lucas Rockwood of Yoga Body podcast who had a guest, Dr. Stephan Cabral.
They spoke about the detress protocol, Functional Medicine Testing, Customised Protocols and how
even though this works as preventive health it is the best way for anyone to rebalance yourself and
in turn the auto immune dis-ease no longer expresses itself through painful symptoms.
I was in, 110%, I saved up over a year took all the functional medicine tests myself, enrolled into the
Integrative Health Practitioners Program and began my protocols. I started out with a Functional
Medicine Liver Detox, 21 days including fasting, restrictive meal planning and herbs & supplements.
Was feeling amazing, next step for me was the CBO protocol based on my lab results. I had
experienced extreme dye off reactions due to having a staph infection 10 years prior never properly
delt with. My whole body was covered in staph, it triggered my eczema and I found myself at the
doctor’s office. Youll need strong antibiotics, first thing I thought was all that hard work for nothing, I
would later learn a big lesson. After two courses of the antibiotics the staph was gone, finally after
being stubborn for all these years, time to start again. I started the CBO Protocol, no die off reaction
it was incredible, kept going with a heavy metal protocol and then mold protocol, all based off of my
individual lab results. My skins clear, no hives, energy levels up and most of all the bloating was
gone, I could eat all these nutrient dense foods and digest them and utilize their goodness, not just
let them ferment in my digestive tract. Its was a long journey, but I remind myself that it though over
20+ years to get to this point its going to take some time to turn it back, but its 100% possible.

This is what got me into Integrative health, there is no one person the same and the same goes for
when approaching an unique health issue and overall life optimization. It is my hope to use the tools
and knowledge ive learned to facilitate ones full healing journey and to enable my clients to take
what they have learned through their own experiences and apply it to their everyday lives and teach

others. My hope is to keep learning, continue healing other by sharing that knowledge through the
destress protocol and the ripl keeps growing in a positive wave, hopefully in the long run creating a
positive impact on our planet, environment, all beings. Keeping the centre of that ripl, you, strong,
healthy and vital, thus creating millions of ripls intersecting and generating positive change.
Let me help you uncover, understand and treat the root cause of your dis-ease so then we can focus
creating the version of you, you intend to be in this world. It not a race to die, so thrive in this body,
mind and spirit and life the BEST life you choose, because you can live it.

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