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Natalie Polt

Myopractitioner | Bowen therapist | Life Coach & NLP practitioner

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A Bit About Me

 Nat’s passion has always been the body, its function and the relationship we have with it.


For well over a decade, Nat has integrated Myopractic, Bowen Therapy and many other modalities into her practice. 

It is a hands on muscular/fascia manipulation, stimulating a neuromuscular response to reduce tension, pain and increase range of motion. Various pressure is applied, clients are fully clothed. The treatment restores the natural structure of the Musculoskeletal Symptom to function at its optimal level. 


The initial consultation will consist of a whole body, history and lifestyle assessment. Identifying any pain, tension or mobility issues, the cause of the ailment will be addressed and not just the symptom. 

The treatment is beneficial to a wide range of issues including 



-digestive issues 

-respiratory issues 

-sports related injuries 


-disc bulge 

-ankle and foot problems


-Carpal tunnel 

-tennis elbow etc

Additionally, the treatment activates and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system to ease anxiety, promote relaxation, improve mood and boost the immune system. 


It is very beneficial and safe for pregnant women and children as the treatment can help their bodies produce hormones that change the way the muscles and ligaments work in their rapidly changing bodies.


Working with Nat, together you can create a personalised, achievable goal with stretches, exercises, postural corrections to move without tension, feel confident and at ease and increase your vitality. 

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